Verity x Noniko: Stainless Steel Reusable Deodorant Container

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Get your favorite NONIKO Natural Deodorant inside Verity's Stainless Steel Reusable Deodorant Case. We're here to make your transition to zero waste a piece of cake.

Step 1: Your first purchase will come with a luxe Verity Case + your pick of our top 3 Natural Deodorant inserts.

Step 2: Order refill inserts as needed or enroll in our subscription program so your deodorant arrives before you have to give it a second thought! 

Step 3: When you're finished with an insert, return it using the prepaid label we provide with your purchase and receive a $3 online voucher to be used on your next NONIKO order.

Step 4: Feel good! 1% of our sales from this product will go to foundations that clean up plastic waste and educate on the importance of reducing plastic waste. 

This item is currently on pre-order only with an estimated ship date of May 01, 2020.