Noniko - Natural Skincare - Aluminum Free Deodorant Trial

Trial Trio

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Try our best-selling Natural Deodorant for FREE - just pay $2 for shipping! This Trial Trio includes three small chapstick-sized samples - one each of our three aromatherapy scents (Bergamot Grapefruit, Lavender Mint, and Lavender Ylang).  These mini sticks are great to toss in your purse or gym bag for emergencies. 

When transitioning to Natural Deodorant, your body needs about a 2 week adjustment period to rid itself of the nasty toxins and chemicals from standard deodorant. We recommend applying one swipe in the morning, and one in the afternoon to maintain odor during this time.

Bear with us, we are here to coach you along the way. Simply email us at with any questions or concerns, and we'll help make this transition as smooth as possible!