This business was built out of necessity. After trying over 50 natural deodorants and never finding one that was effective, we decided to make one ourselves.

We spent years experimenting in the kitchen, and eventually developed a natural deodorant that actually worked all day long!  This started as a nights and weekends project selling in our local Encinitas, CA community, but the word quickly spread and the business blossomed.

We swiftly moved out of the kitchen and into a production space, but to this day, all of our products are still handmade in small batch by women who love and use the product.


NONIKO stands for NONI-company.  Early in our quest for natural ingredient alternatives, we stumbled across the Noni fruit, which is a legendary cure-all native to Southeast Asia and Australia.  Learning about the incredible and diverse power of this fruit found in nature led us to learn about more botanical ingredients that could replace the mainstream ingredients in our personal care products. 

Our name is our way of paying homage to the fruit that sparked our inspiration and set us on the path to create products with natural ingredients that are also super effective.