Karen's Testimonial - Boob Balm

I picked up your deodorant at the Chopra Center in San Diego and found that it worked very well protecting me from odor and perspiration.  When I went online to reorder, I decided to try Boob Balm as well.  I left Boob Balm on my night stand, and used it pretty regularly before going to bed at night. At some point while using it I noticed a small lump in my right breast. I went to my doctor to have it checked-out, and was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer.

I am thankful that I found your product, because without it, I may not have felt the lump and gotten in to the doctor as soon as I did, as I rarely checked for lumps or abnormalities. I have finished chemotherapy, just started radiation and my oncologist approved my use of the Boob Balm as a moisturizer during the radiation treatments. Thank you for your healthy products and for spreading the word about the importance of self-examination.

 - Karen Meader, Florida